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Expo 2020 highlights Dubai’s growing tourist influx and monetary benefits in the latest times. The event has brought great limelight to the area bringing in an amusing and astonishing variety of vision, sights, and ideas at one place. The Expo indicates the culture, history, and essence of many countries worldwide. With over 150 pavilions, Expo stands to unite the world in the form of innovation, art, and design. The availability of so many pavilions also confuses the visitors about which ones they should visit.

This article will help you know the six best pavilions you must visit to save time and make the most of your trip (This is a general list and not a ranking).

  1.  Russia: Russia has proved to amuse people with its incredible color choices and decoratives. The color outlook catches the eyes of all visitors for the first time. The concept of interiors is designed upon human creativity and the use of the mind. The astonishing art piece speaks stories of human connectivity to everything.
  • Luxembourg: The magnificent pavilion is yet another eye-catching structure in the event. The building demonstrates the concept of infinity, making it impactful in the area. Luxembourg is a small country, but it has brought a significant share of art and ideas to its pavilion.
  • Pakistan: The culture and exhibition of the country are showcased with perfection and beauty. The inside and out of the whole pavilion is designed following representation of all the essential factors of the county. The beautiful colored exteriors are also very eye-catching and unique from most of the other pavilions.
  • Morocco: Morocco has a powerful and severe vibe to itself. The exhibition is a six-story structure that describes everything about the culture and its contribution to modern times. There is a whole area dedicated to the Moroccan herbs utilized to make medicines in the modern days. It is a treat for visitors.
  • Japan: Japan is a country of progress and innovation, and their pavilion is proof of it. The exhibit showcases the most advanced use of modern technology and impresses the visitors with its unique representation and ideas. The rooms consist of miniatures and models that show the life and culture of the country.
  • Saudia Arab: The country represents the total culture of Islam and the Middle East. It is not wrong to say that the exhibition and presentation stand to be one of the best ones at the Expo right now. You will experience a mix of past, present, and future ideas, giving one everything they want to see.

Expo 2020 includes many countries, and it is almost impossible to visit all the pavilions and enjoy them thoroughly. The list mentioned above is a few of the best ones to help you prioritize your visits and look at the best things. Please include them in your bucket for visiting Expo and make your time worth a while. Have a fun and safe trip around the Expo and learn all you can while having a fun time.

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