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Effectiveness of Invisalign Braces Everyone Must know

When most people hear the word ‘braces’, they only consider that metal thin wire fixed over the front of teeth. But the story has gone beyond the imagination. The traditional metal wires are still used as brackets to straighten the teeth. However, the advancements have brought changes in the braces family as well. Invisalign braces are transparent mold-like things that are fixed over the teeth to bring them towards the back side for straightening purposes. The best Invisalign braces dubai are provided by us. These braces are also called clear aligners. We’re offering the best quality aligners to make your smile look straight. You would definitely get aligned teeth and a smile after that.

The best thing about these aligners as per different people is the freedom to remove these for a few hours. Although you’re supposed to place these for 22 straight hours, then 2 hours of living without braces is a great feeling in itself. The period of wearing both conventional as well as Invisalign braces is almost the same. They require 18 to 20 months to give the desired results. The cost of treatment totally depends upon the severity of the patient’s condition. For instance, some are worried only about teeth crowding while others complain about major gaps between their teeth.

Do we need to change clear aligners frequently?

Yes, it is a major requirement. The change in place of teeth requires Invisalign braces of newer shape. Then, a new aligner set is crafted according to a recent tooth impression. In case of not removing the aligners at the right time, one would be required to deal with pain as well as discomfort because of a change in the position of teeth.

Differences between Invisalign and Conventional Brackets

Both seem to take almost the same span for moving teeth and transferring them into particular position. But the major drawback of conventional brackets is about bearing the pain continuously. Comparatively, the transparent aligners can be removed for some time each day. Using metal wire to fix conventional brackets causes more discomfort as compared to Invisalign aligners.

Pros to Know

The transparent teeth aligners provide faster results than conventional brackets. Yes, you would be able to see your teeth in the desired position in a short span as compared to the conventional brackets. The Invisalign aligners can’t be clearly visible, unlike metal wire braces. Some people never want to make their smiles look weird because of those visible metal wires. So, they can opt for clear aligners.

The Final Thoughts

Always consult your orthodontist before finalizing clear aligners for fitting onto your teeth. They can guide you better after detecting your entire oral health issues. The patient can also contact us for a great experience. Get your Invisalign braces dubai by getting help from our experienced orthodontist and spend a whole treatment period satisfactorily. So, stop waiting more and book the slot for getting treatment as early as you want. Let us provide you with the best smile that you actually want.

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